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JACKET, Clements B0930

JACKET, Clements

by Andrew Clements | Paperback | SKU B0930
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Discussion Topics What's your opinion of how the principal solved the problem between the boys? What would you have done if you'd been the principal? How are conflicts handled in your school? Do you agree with the rules and policies in your school? Why or why not? Why do you think Phil got so angry when he saw Daniel wearing his brother's jacket? If you were Phil in this story, how would you have reacted when you saw someone wearing your brother's jacket? What would you have done in Daniel's shoes? Phil thinks "being friends with everyone and being someone's friend are two different things." Do you agree or disagree with him? Why? Describe someone who's your friend. Describe someone who's an acquaintance. What is the same/different about these two people? What makes someone a friend? Phil wonders how he would have treated Daniel had he been white. Do you think Phil is prejudiced? Why or why not? What does it mean to be prejudiced? Use specific events from the story to support your opinion. How does Phil grow and change as a character from his experiences in this story? What kinds of life lessons does he learn? Do you think Phil's mom could be prejudiced? Why or why not? What's your opinion about the way that Phil's mom answered his questions about being prejudiced? Phil's father has some strong feelings about black people in sports. Reread the conversation Phil has with his father about this. What is your opinion? Do you think, "it's all about the black guys"? Why? Phil realizes that he never knew black kids could live in neighborhoods like his own. He's not sure if he should feel good about this or not. Why? Before reading this story how did you think people of other races lived? What experiences have you had to give you this knowledge? Activities and Research Research people who have fought for civil rights for African Americans in the United States. Make a list of these influential people in history. Pick one and write a biography describing the struggles and har

Product Information

  • AR Level4.1
  • AR Quiz Number60720
  • AR Quiz Points1
  • AuthorAndrew Clements
  • Guided Reading LevelR
  • Page Count96
  • ISBN100689860102
  • ISBN139780689860102
  • PublisherSimon & Schuster Children's Publishing
  • Year Published2003
  • Grade Level3 - 7
  • Type of BookFiction
  • SubjectSchool stories (Children's/YA)
    Personal & social issues: racism & multiculturalism (Children's/YA)
  • IllustratorMcDavid Henderson
  • ImprintAtheneum Books for Young Readers

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