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When Jo Louis Won the Title B2298

When Jo Louis Won the Title

by Belinda Rochelle | Paperback | SKU B2298
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Love being in a good mood? We all have moods that go up and down. It's great when you're feeling good. You feel in control and upbeat about the day ahead.  But if you are having a bad day, it can sometimes feel hard to lift yourself back up. Your mood can affect your performance at work and relationships at home, in good ways and bad ways. Being able to manage your mood, and not be dictated by it, can mean you are more successful in all areas of life. Happy or Unhappy? By learning to recognize why you feel the way you do, you can take control of your mood so that you feel more positive, regardless of what you have faced, or what the day will bring. Through practical tips and techniques grounded in research and theory, you will learn how to: Deal with all types of mood such as anger, distress, self-efficacy, unhappiness, well-being and self-esteem. Improve your attitudes and responses in any situation. Maintain your performance and relationships without your mood calling the shots. Develop coping mechanisms and strategies for improving the quality of your mood. Use relaxation strategies to help you deal with life's sticky moments. From happiness to distress, and all moods in between, Feel Good will help you to effectively manage your mood and to lead a happier and more content life. "Seamlessly merges science, philosophy, psychology and spirituality into an accessible and empowering book." -Hayley Del Sanderson, Principal and Founder, The Yoga Academy " The approach taken by Graham and Shane is extremely helpful, practical and easy to read; highly recommended as a reassuring self-help book and an adjunct book for therapists to use with clients ." -Dr Jane Cronin-Davis Chair of College of Occupational Therapist Specialist Section for Mental Health

Product Information

  • AuthorBelinda Rochelle
  • Page Count32
  • ISBN100395816572
  • ISBN139780395816578
  • PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
  • Year Published1996
  • Grade LevelPre-K - 3
  • Type of BookNon-Fiction
  • SubjectGeneral fiction (Children's/YA)
    Personal & social issues: family issues (Children's/YA)
    General fiction (Children's/YA)
  • IllustratorLarry Johnson

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