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Yolonda's Genius B1401

Yolonda's Genius

by Carol Fenner | Paperback | SKU B1401
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Reading Group Guide to Yolonda''s Genius By Carol Fenner About the Book Recently uprooted from her beloved Chicago, Yolonda is bigger and stronger and smar ter than all the fifth-graders at her new school in Michigan. She''s not a genius, but her little brother, Andrew, is. At least that''s what Yolonda decides when she hears the sweet roll and pitch of Andrew''s harmonica-playing. Other people, even her mother and her glamorous Aunt Tiny back in Chicago, aren''t so sure. But Yolonda believes that people don''t really take the time to listen to Andrew. They just think he''s a quiet first-grader, a slow learner. She knows it takes an attentive ear to hear Andrew''s genius. So Yolonda hatches an ambitious, audacious, and completely satisfying plan to get her family, and thousands of others, to tune in. Discussion Topics 1. Yolonda longs for Chicago when her widowed mother moves the family to a smaller town in Michigan. Discuss the pros and cons of that move. What are some of the dangers that the family leaves behind? What are some of the pleasures? Do you think Yolonda''s mother made the best decision for herself and her children? 2. Remembering the Chicago girls who jumped double Dutch so deftly, Yolonda "liked to pretend those girls were her friends." Why did she have to pretend? Why was it difficult for Yolanda to make friends in Chicago? Why is it difficult for her in Grand River? 3. Yolonda''s mother''s idea of a great place to live "included fresh air, peace and quiet, and trees." How does that differ from Yolonda''s own idea of a great place to live? What is your idea of a great place to live? 4. Yolonda and her family leave a nearly all-black neighborhood in Chicago for a much more integrated one in Michigan. How does this change in racial environment affect Yolonda''s behavior in Grand River? How does her understanding of what is a "black thing" and what is a "white thing" shift as the novel progresses? 5. Even though she''s taunted for being overweight, Yolo

Product Information

  • AR Level4.8
  • AR Quiz Number14840
  • AR Quiz Points6
  • AuthorCarol Fenner
  • Guided Reading LevelV
  • Page Count224
  • ISBN100689813279
  • ISBN139780689813276
  • PublisherSimon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
  • Year Published1997
  • Grade Level3 - 7
  • Type of BookFiction
  • SubjectPersonal & social issues
    Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
    General fiction (Children's/YA)
    Personal & social issues: siblings (Children's/YA)
    General fiction (Children's/YA)
  • ImprintSimon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books

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