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Lunch Money B3801

Lunch Money

by Andrew Clements | Paperback | SKU B3801
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Discussion Topics What is Greg''s greatest talent? How does he earn money? Do you like to earn money? How do you earn money? What do you do with your money? In Chapter 2, what discovery does Greg make about quarters? What happens when he tries to sell candy and toys at school? Is Principal Davenport correct in her actions? Explain your answer. What does Greg sell at the beginning of sixth grade? Describe how he learned to create this product over the summer. Would you have been willing to work so hard to make something to sell? What does this tell you about Greg? What competition do Chunky Comics face? Who creates the competition? Describe the relationship between these characters in the first half of the novel. What does Mr. Z like about numbers? What happens when he sees Maura give Greg a bloody nose? How does Mr. Z feel about Greg''s situation? What role does math play in his analysis? When they finally have a serious discussion about comics, what does Greg realize about Maura? What does Maura realize about Greg? How does Mr. Z analyze Greg''s claim that Maura "stole" his idea? What happens when the two sixth graders begin to work together? How did Mr. Z choose his job? What do Mr. Z''s comments about wealth and careers make Greg wonder about his get-rich goal? Why does Mrs. Davenport call comic books "practically toys, and bad toys at that"? Is she correct to extend her selling ban to comic books? Why is Chapter 16 entitled "Art and Money"? Compare and contrast Maura''s goal in creating comic books with Greg''s. Which character thinks most like you? What do Maura and Greg realize about things being sold at school? What case do they make to the school committee? What is Mrs. Davenport''s opposing argument? How is the Chunky Comics problem resolved at Ashworth Intermediate? Is this a good solution? Would you participate in such a venture at your school? What might you call your store or website? What ideas might you bring to the project? Is getting rich a primary

Product Information

  • AR Level5.2
  • AR Quiz Number88626
  • AR Quiz Points6
  • AuthorAndrew Clements
  • Guided Reading LevelR
  • Page Count240
  • ISBN100689866852
  • ISBN139780689866852
  • PublisherSimon & Schuster Children's Publishing
  • Year Published2007
  • Grade Level3 - 7
  • Type of BookFiction
  • SubjectGeneral fiction (Children's/YA)
    Romance & relationships stories (Children's/YA)
    Personal & social issues: sexuality & relationships (Children's/YA)
    School stories (Children's/YA)
  • IllustratorBrian Selznick
  • ImprintAtheneum Books for Young Readers

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